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Welcome to my family history pages! I caught the family history bug in 1990 and have been researching furiously ever since. I have researched all my ancestral lines and know all my 32 3x Gt Grandparents. On some lines, I know a lot further back - the earliest being my Danbrook ancestors c1550. I tend to concentrate on some of the more unusual names - as they are easier to research - and in particular have done a lot of work on the Hollyer name (my mother's maiden name) with contacts around the world. I run the Hollyer/Holyer/Hollier One Name Study. Before I tell you about my genealogical interests, here's something about myself and my family. 

I am a professional telecommunications engineer. I am now a semi-retired freelance consultant, trading as Hollyer Associates. Between 1993 and 2003, I was Director, Technology at Oftel, the former telecoms regulator in the UK, which has now been absorbed into the new regulator Ofcom.

I was born in Enfield, Middlesex in 1949 and educated at Enfield Grammar School.

I studied engineeering and graduated from Queens' College, Cambridge in 1971 and worked for the Post Office (later BT) from 1971-1993, when I joined Oftel (Director of Technology 1994-2004).

Queens' web site

Queens' Web site

I am a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. I am a member of their Communications Sector Panel. I am also an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals

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I am widowed, with two daughters, and live in Cuffley, Herts. Cuffley is part of Welwyn Hatfield District. I have a brother Robin.

When not working, my hobbies are genealogy, collecting old telephones, model making, bird-watching and computing.


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